What Inspires You to Travel?

Closed Path

I thought that my voyage had come to its end
at the last limit of my power,—that the path before me was closed,
that provisions were exhausted
and the time come to take shelter in a silent obscurity.

But I find that thy will knows no end in me.
And when old words die out on the tongue,
new melodies break forth from the heart;
and where the old tracks are lost,
new country is revealed with its wonders.

Rabindranath Tagore


I will be really interested in knowing what inspires people to travel. Let’s start a dialogue. There is no better way of getting inspired than sharing your inspirations with each other!


2 responses to “What Inspires You to Travel?

  1. Every place has it’s own charm. I’m often drawn to places by famous sites and history, but eventually I fall in love with new things I discover and the people I meet. In Japan, I met the most wonderful person in the world; he was a Brazilian priest who moved to Japan to help Brazilian-Japanese immigrants have a community in his church, to have a place like home in a foreign country. He gave up his own life in Brazil for the sake of others across the globe. This was just one man who made an impression on me, but it makes me think that the people deeply influence my experience of the place.

    • Thank you very much for sharing this! Yes people are a big part of my travel inspiration too. I love to meet new people and what better way of doing that than travelling to new places.

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